Have personal transformation through home decor and ceramics Keyword: home decor and ceramics

After finishing my college my first home was very small with only a one bedroom apartment. It was lifeless and no
architectural styles. Everybody was reluctant to come to my house due to its condition.


So I decided to change the home decor and ceramics of my house to make it a beautiful place. I realize that minimum changes in home décor will transform my house. I selected the Japanese theme for the basic furnishing of home. I filled my room with inexpensive wooden futon and Japanese lighting fixtures. In such a congested place it worked very well to keep the colors light, airy and uncluttered. It painted the walls with light creamy colors. I installed all the plants near the walls to give jungle look to my room. Each plant is nestled very nicely with hand woven basket of African style. I kept handmade cotton hammock near the walls instead of keeping a big couch. The hammock of cream color looks nice and gives a spacious look to the house. It is a good idea to welcome guests with drowsy comfort without a structural imposition of a couch. I inserted wood lattice inside the windows to give it e new look and fill the gap in that particular area. I also changed some of the decorative items on a ceiling to increase the beauty of a house. I changed my unattractive room into the new version of my own paradise. I used handmade coconut – wood kitchen items and sisal rug of hand-woven beside the dining table which gives the theme of Asian Nature into the kitchen.

My Sweet Home
family-room-54581_640Now I am going to talk about my present home which is spacious two bedroom house of Craftsman- style. It also has big the library, expansive room living, small bath, and kitchen. It has large windows with creative art and the limitless vista from all sides.
I decided to apply the rustic theme to give new look to my home decor and ceramics. We selected furniture from Southeast Asia and Mexico which is elegant hand-carved furniture. All the bed sheets and storage chests are called from hand woven textiles of Thailand. We made curtains of ceremonial quality Balinese silk sarongs. We placed wall hangings in many wide-open space areas. We covered to lots of curtains with many cushions which came from Mexico. We selected very less array of old sculptures, storage baskets, and bookends and used added some new original paintings to our library. We kept our rugs in all the area of a house including bathroom as well. In bathroom also many things were changed like the mirror, wastebasket and ornate as well. In the kitchen, all the kitchen items
and simple decorative accents were selected from famous artists in the world.
You will be amazed to know that to change our home decor and ceramics the huge amount of money is not invested. But the look of a house was very beautiful and eye catching.